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Vyborg Shipyard and Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet signed an agreement for construction of optional ST series trawlers

On January 16, 2017 in addition to the contracts for construction of four freezer trawlers of a new generation project ST-116 XL signed in November 2016 Vyborg Shipyard (group member of United Shipbuilding Corporation) and Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet arrived at decision to update and optimize technical specifications of the vessels scheduled for construction.

The vessels of updated ST-118 project with dimensions 86 m x 17 m will have Ice3 Class with an option of hull strengthening to Arc4 Class that will enable the trawler to extend the effective fishery period. On board the vessels there will be installed automated plant for processing and production of fillets, fish meal plant, equipment for fish oil production and a canning plant. The vessel will be equipped with powerful deck cranes, a trawl complex of the latest generation and automatic palletizing system in the hold minimizing the time for unloading the catches.

Modification of the vessel's initial design dimensions will enable to increase capacity of cargo holds, provide some extra space for fish processing plant and design a more spacious living superstructure for providing comfort working conditions and accommodation of the crew.

The ST-118 design provides for versatility that will enable at outfitting the vessels with modified fishing and processing equipment to catch not only bottom fish, but also pelagic species, shrimp and other aquatic bioresources in the North and the Far East fishing basins and other fishery areas of the World Ocean.

In addition, the parties also signed an agreement for construction of 8-10 optional vessels of ST-118 project and its modifications intended for different regions of operation.The serial construction of vessels of one design or its modifications allows the parties to achieve significant cost and schedule optimization due to unification of the equipment, design solutions, labour input optimization of the shipyard and subcontractors that meet the interests of the shipbuilder and the customer.

“Expansion of the series of vessels project ST 118 and its modifications for the area of operation meets the interests of both the shipyard and United Shipbuilding Corporation. This allows the shipyard to plan its perspective production activity for the next years, develop competence in construction of state-of-the art fishing vessels and look to the future with confidence. In addition, such an order provides VSY with an opportunity to proceed from construction of single vessels or small series of 2-3 vessel to the work on a large series of sophisticated vessels that has not been since the time of the Soviet Union as well as to offer the customer very favourable conditions both in price and schedule of construction”, commented General director of Vyborg Shipyard PJSC Alexander Solovyev.

"The management of Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet has planned a large-scale program for fleet renovation with the latest generation vessels and expansion of fishery areas. The planned construction of a series of vessels project ST 118 and its modifications fully meets the interests of ATF. ATF has got a reliable partner in this project represented by VSY that allows to be sure of successful implementation of such ambitious plans. Signing of the agreement for optional vessels scheduled for construction at the Russian shipyard has been made possible thanks to the support in the form of allocation of investment quotas", commented General director of Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet Alexey Zaplatin.

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