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Personnel Policy

Personnel policy of Vyborg Shipyard is aimed at the continuity of the existing human resources and its development, creation of a highly professional business team that can provide for dynamic growth of the shipyard.

Main directions of personnel policy of Vyborg Shipyard  PJSC:

- Focus on the employee's personal potential;
- Recruitment of specialists with higher education;
- Preparation and training of staff to meet the demand of all departments for highly qualified personnel;
- Adaptation of newly employed ;
- Job relevance of each employee;
- Incentives for increase in labor productivity;
- Flexible bonus system to assess personal contribution of the employee;
- Social partnership with the labor collective;
- Preservation of the traditions and transfer of experience from the older to the younger generation;
- Effective implementation of provisions on disciplinary relations.

Measures to support employees:

Social guarantees. Collective agreement provides for the right for social benefits and payments;
Health care. In-house medical unit, regular medical check-ups;
Developing and support of a healthy lifestyle: Holding sports events and competitions. Own football and volleyball teams, gyms.
Personal and professional growth. Implementation of a targeted training program to improve professional skills of personnel giving an opportunity to study in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. Also, VSY material and technical resources allow for training and professional development of workers.
Recruiting new personnel. Material incentives of the youth studying in profile vocational  schools and educational institutions.

Personnel Policy