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Social Policy

The personnel of Vyborg Shipyard PJSC numbers about 2000 people. It is one of the largest enterprises of the Leningrad Region. Between VSY administration and trade union a collective agreement is concluded on which basis alongside with statutory norms social support for the employees and their families is provided.

One of the priorities of VSY social program is health care of the employees. For this purpose a medical unit has been set up, which has all the necessary equipment for the provision of qualified medical care and rehabilitation of the employees. The yard health care personnel are experienced specialists having medical certificates. Based on the results of periodic medical examinations and analysis of the incidence of diseases the company has developed programs for the prevention of general morbidity and health improvement of the employees. Medical care for employees is provided constantly and around the clock.

Vyborg Shipyard contributes to the development and maintaining of a healthy lifestyle of the employees: regularly holds sports competitions in summer and winter sports and  summer sports festivals, has own football and volleyball teams representing the company in competitions and championships of different levels.

Another direction of the social program of VSY is welfare care for the employees. It implies rendering financial aid to low-income families, medicines cost compensation and other remedies.

To improve skills level of the personnel VSY has set up a targeted training program giving an opportunity to study in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. Besides, the company provides material incentives for the young people studying in profile vocational schools and educational institutions. VSY material and technical resources allow for training and skills upgrading of the workers.