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Type: Multipurpose semi-submersible bare deck platform
Year: 2002
Displacement: 20000 t
Client: Moss Arctic Production

The multi-purpose bare - deck platform Moss - 50 represents the 5th generation of deep water semi-submersible platforms designed by the Norwegian engineering company Moss Maritime.
The project provides for maximum functional flexibility in alternative arrangement of upper decks with a view to the end use of the platform:
- exploration drilling platform;
- production platform;
- crane platform etc.

The bare deck is strong enough to accommodate a topside structure weight up to
20 000 t.
Built at Vyborg Shipyard, the multi-purpose platform has underneath the bare deck fully outfitted spaces, including pump rooms and tanks for ballast water, diesel oil and special drilling liquids. All systems, cables and electrical equipment are installed and tested.

In columns there installed tanks for baryte, bentonite and cement with corresponding pneumo - transporting system. There is a possibility to install an anchorage system for operation at sea depth to 1500 m or dynamic positioning system for operation at sea depth to 3000 m.

Main dimensions:

Length over all……..………118,6 m
Width overall………………..72,5 m
Height to main deck………..40,65 m
Hull weight on delivery……15 000 t

The multi-purpose bare-deck platform was built in the shortest time:
November 2000 – start of steel cutting;
October 2001 – launching of the pontoons;
May 7, 2002 – delivery of the ready platform to the Customer and towage to the destination place.
The total building period is 17 months.