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Type: Floating semi-submersible drilling platform
Year: 1978
Displacement: 19770
Client: Astrakhan Shipbuilding Enterprises

In 1978 Vyborg Shipyard joined offshore market with semi-submersible drilling rigs for oil and gas exploration and production on the sea shelf.

The floating semi-submersible drilling rig SHELF is designed for exploratory deep well drilling (6000 m) at water depth from 80 to 200 m.

Length overall— 98,0 m;
Width — 72,0 m;
Height from bottom of pontoon to the top of derrick — 94,0 m.
Full displacement — 19770 t.

At the initial stage of building of offshore facilities Vyborg Shipyard delivered for the Caspian Sea block-modules 900 t and pontoons for 6 semi-submersible drilling rigs to be finally assembled in Astrakhan. Scope of delivery of Vyborg Shipyard was about 35 % of the total scope of the semi-submersible drilling rigs. From 1985 to 1991 Vyborg Shipyard built 4 turn-key semi-submersibles for open seas.