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Alexander S. Solovyev

Date of birth: 15th September 1974

Education: St. Petersburg State University, faculty of law;
St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, economics and management of engineering enterprise. 2000 — Head of Legal Department of Vyborg Shipyard (VSY). 2005-2006 — Deputy Chairman of VSY Board of Directors, alongside in office of General Director of the major VSY shareholder ZAO AKO BARSS Group (St. Petersburg). 2012 — First Deputy General Director of VSY. Since June 2012 — General Director of VSY.

Georgiy V. Taritsa
First Deputy CEO

Date of birth: 11th March 1961. 

Education: North-West Correspondence Polytechnic Institute; faculty - mechanical engineering technology. Started at VSY in 2016. Since 2021 — First Deputy CEO.

Andrey L. Popov
Chief Engineer

Date of birth:  30th August 1971

Education: St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, shipbuilding faculty. Started at VSY in 1994. Since 2012 — Deputy Director General.

Kirill E. Proskuryakov
Deputy CEO for Economics Finance

Date of birth: 20th  March 1977

Education: Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, faculty of economics and management. Started at VSY in 2020.

Andrey V. Padalka
Deputy CEO for Production System Development and Quality 

Date of birth: 27th October 1977

Education: St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University; faculty - shipbuilding, oceanotechnics and systems engineering of marine infrastructure facilities. Since 2020 - Deputy CEO for Production System Development and Quality.

Dmitry V. Isakov
Director for Logistics

Date of birth: 30th September 1977

Education: St. Petersburg Academy of the Ministry of Interior, faculty of law; St. Petersburg International Banking Institute, faculty of finance and credit. Started at VSY in 2002. Since 2018 — Director for Logistics.

Vasily V. Efimov
Production Director

Date of birth: 25st September 1977

Education: St. Petersburg State University for Water Ways Communications, qualification - ship engineer. Started at VSY in 2017. Since 2019 — Acting Production Director.


Igor A. Balalaev
Acting Deputy CEO for HR and Administration 

Date of birth: 31st March 1982

Education: Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation, qualification - lawyer. Started at VSY in 2021. 

Valery G. Levchenko
Adviser to General Director

Date of birth: 6th June 1951

Education: Leningrad Institute of Water Transport, faculty of ship machinery. Started at VSY in 1975. Since 2012 - Adviser to General Director. 25.09.1998 - awarded the honorary title of Honored Marine Engineer of the Russian Federation. 14.12.2009 - awarded a second-class medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland.